Mount Marcus Baker  / Apr 25 2012
ascend  2200 meters
type  AlpineTour
level  Hard
Mount Marcus Baker / Apr 25 2012
  • distance 17.2km
  • ascent 2200m
  • descent 2200m
  • lowest 1800m
  • highest 4016m
  • duration 1 Days
short description

The Ataraxia Project is showing new ways of climbing mountains - alternative ways - with the use of mother natures power.
Kiting up the mountains and flying down is a great support for classical mountaineering! Find out more at

The project consisted of three main segments. Firstly we completed the Eklutna traverse of three connected glaciers as a "warm up". Subsequently the show was taken to Thompson Pass, Valdez. Basing out of an RV provided by Great Alaskan Holidays we focussed on the production of great shots with snowmachine and helicopter assistance. Finally the biggest... Read more
Starting point Wasilla, Alaska
Getting there Mt. Marcus Baker is the highest summit of the Chugach Mountain Range. The only possibility getting to the mountain is a flight in to Knik glacier. Trouring there would take you through massive glacier areas and high altitude mountains, and would be an undertaking of at least 3 weeks. The flight in is about 40 minutes. We flew in with Sportsman Air Alaska, ask for Jim Chaplin.
Public transit Public transport is rare in Alaska. Bushpilots and helicopters take you to the remote areas. There is no way around it.
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Philip Kuchelmeister
teamleader, 31 years

Many many years ago my parents - both sports teachers - shared with me their passion for the mountains. Coming from semi-professional swimming, my focus changed after living in Switzerland - Crans Montana for a couple of years. Mountaineering, Climbing, Paragliding, Mountainbiking, and may other sports came on my list. Today, we are touring the alps by mountainbike, go hike and fly or climb the fantastic peaks in the Valais! Last year, a friend and I went to Alaska for big mountain skiing and our second passion - speedflying. We came to know a couple of amazing friends, when we were touring in the Chugach Mountains. Out of this friendship an amazing project evolved - The Ataraxia Project 2012. Being part of the 150 Peaks Project of Mammut, we found the best partner and sponsor for an extreme undertaking: Snow kiting and mountaineering Mount Marcus Baker, the highest peak of the Chugach Mountains in Alaska!

Sebastian Bubmann
Member, 29 years

Coming from a professional snow kiting background I changed over from competing in freestyle events to undertaking trips and expiditions and document them through film and photography. The Ataraxia project will be the biggest thing ever for me to accomplish. 4000m - with the kite, in Alaska!

Obadiah Jenkins
Member, 33 years

I am a transplant Alaskan born and raised on an organic farm in the hills of North Georgia.I have lived in Alaska for six years and have been kiting for four years and speed flying for one. My life is entirely based on recreation, including my “real” job, commercial fishing the icy waters of Alaska, which I consider to be the sport I gets paid the most to do. My introduction to Alaska’s mountains was through Alaska Pacific University where I attained a Bachelors Degree in Outdoor Studies with an emphasis on glacier travel, ski mountaineering, and winter wilderness survival. I live and play in Girdwood, Alaska.My backyard is the Chugach Mountain Range and my front yard is Turnagain Arm and Kenai Peninsula. To me there is truly no better place to play with gravity than Alaska!

Nicolas Chibac
Member, 36 years

"The apple doesn't fall far from the tree." hits it really well. The mother an art teacher, the father a professional sportsman. Grown up with these two ingredients Nicolas Chibac developed early his patience for filming and shooting pictures of outdoor sports,activities and cultures worldwide. In the last 10 years Nicolas travelled over 40 countries, circumnavigated the world twice, filmed and shot pictures for many mayor companies and made his patience an everyday living dream.