Mount Baker/Kulshan Washington  / Aug 12 2012
ascend  2160 meters
type  MountainTour
level  Medium
Baker Lopez Coleman
Mount Baker/Kulshan Washington / Aug 12 2012
Baker Lopez Coleman
  • distance 9.0km
  • ascent 2160m
  • descent 41m
  • lowest 1140m
  • highest 3270m
  • duration 1 Days
short description

On August 17, 2012 we summited Mount Baker/Kulshan via the Coleman Glacier, honoring Edmund T Coleman, the first documented climb of Baker, nearly 150 years ago. Our climbing party included first time glacier climbers, a group of students from Lopez Island, Washington, Sebastian, Lyra, Tahoma and Emmett, and 3 members of the Lum...

Our goal is to reach the summit of Mount Baker, the 2nd highest peak in Washington State, at 10,7788 ft/3,285 meters high. This climbing expedition will take place in the local region where weI live, the Pacific Northwest of North America. We will start at the seaport, Port Angeles, Washington, (on the Straits of Juan de Fuca), and ending at the Summit of Mount Baker. This expedition will celebrate the rich exploratory history of our region from the 18th century, dating back 150 years, as well... Read more
Starting point Port Angeles Washington
Public transit Lopez Island Ferry

Port Townsend Ferry

The Lady Washington Tall masted sailing ship

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Tracey Cottingham
teamleader, 58 years

I have climbed, hiked, skied, and moved about mountains since a young girl, influenced by my parents and grandparents. I have woven my love of the outdoors into my lifelong profession of designing outdoor sport clothing, while building a log house in Portland by hand. Now I live on a small island, in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, in the Salish Sea of the Pacific Northwest, where 4 mountain ranges are visible on the rare clear days. I have spent my full life in the shadow of the magnificent volcanoes of the Cascade Range, including being up on Mount Rainier in 1980, when Mount Saint Helens blew her top off. I don't climb as much as I used to, with a farm to tend, family to raise and a freelancing design business, but my mind wanders them every day, as do my dreams. I hope to be able to put my dream of Climbing Mount Baker in expedition style into reality to help celebrate Mammut's 150th Anniversary.

Arthur William Mooney
Mountainguide, ?? years

For over 30 years my passion has been rock climbing, ice climbing and skiing all over the world. My love of the outdoors began in 1976 when I started rock climbing and skiing in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. This new found love quickly evolved into a quest for bigger mountains, and ultimately led me to Taos, New Mexico where I started working as a ski patrol guide. Each spring I returned home to New Hampshire to spend summers honing my rock climbing skills at Cathedral Ledge and Cannon Cliff. After Taos, I helicopter-ski guided for two seasons in the Chugach Mountains of Alaska. In 1994, I returned to New Hampshire to work as a rock and ice climbing guide. While doing this, I began training for AMGA guide certification and in 2001 achieved full certification with both the American Mountain Guides and International Federation of Mountain Guides. Now, in addition to my guide service, I work as an instructor, rock coordinator, and technical committee member with the AMGA. Presently, I own and operate a year-round guide service, Mooney Mountain Guides, LLC, based out of New Hampshire and continue to climb and guide full time. In addition I lead custom climbing trips in Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico, and ski tours in destinations like the Haute Route in the Alps. I love every moment I spend on the rock and ice. I am always looking forward to the next opportunity to share my energy and passion for the great outdoors with others.

Sebastian Lasbo
Member, 25 years

I'm a young and energetic man that is just beginning to realize the amazing opportunities that await in life. I've had the chance to travel to many great places in the world and meet many great people, and have realized that surprising yourself and finding yourself in different places, with new people, and experience new things is what life is all about.

Lyra Dalton
Member, 24 years

This user has not entered any information yet.

Tahoma Wrubleski
Member, 25 years

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Cedar Charnley
Member, 34 years

I am a twenty-nine year old outdoor adventurer and teacher and father. I have grown up playing in the mountains and waters of the Puget Sound Washington USA. As I navigate these waters I look at the peaks, as I climb the peaks I look at the waters. I am always struck by how interconnected everything is and relish the clean air, perfectly sculpted earth and dynamic terrain.

Emmett Lawrence
Member, 24 years

I love the outdoors and had a great experience mountaineering during a NOLS course in Wyoming this summer.