Mala Klekovaca  / Nov 4 2011
ascend  1300 meters
type  MountainTour
level  Easy
Osjecenica Mammut Team
Mala Klekovaca / Nov 4 2011
Osjecenica Mammut Team
  • distance 79.3km
  • ascent 1300m
  • descent 1300m
  • lowest 637m
  • highest 1962m
  • duration 1 Days
short description

Our route would start at mountain Osjecenica, afterwards to us well known forests roads which lead to mountain Klekovaca. On that road we run across protected forest area rainforest called Lom. (one of the suprises). In between beautiful cliffs of Klekovaca we isolate the cliff called Mammut, (our second suprise, the cliff is in the form of mammut). Our goal is when we reach the cliffs of Klekovaca to climb a cliff called Mammoth and on top raise your flag.This attempt can be accomplished in... Read more
Starting point Bosanski Petrovac
Getting there First outset for hiking is town Bosanski Petrovac

Bosanski Petrovac – Zagreb 200km
Bosanski Petrovac - Split 190km
Bosanski Petrovac - Sarajevo 260km
Bosanski Petrovac - Bihac 54 km
Bosanski Petrovac - Banja Luka 100km
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Alem Jaganjac
teamleader, 41 years

Its good to be a team player, specially in great Mammut team. In team game we must have a faithful partner like Mammut. Bosnian Mammut Team Leader, Alem Jaganjac.

Marcin Kacperek
Mountainguide, ?? years

I spent most of my life in the mountains. Ice climbing from Scotland to Canada, rock climbing from Dolomites to Yosemite, freeride skiing from Verbier to the roofs of old houses in my hometown and riding motorcycle trough high passes of Kyrgyzstan - I like it all as different as it is. The fact is though, I like the people I do this things with even more. I am very glad that I am going to take part in Mammut 150 years project. I am looking forward to this adventure and the people I will meet. See you soon! :)

Denijal Kartal
Member, 35 years

Hello, my name is Denijal. I am one of the members Bosnian Mammut Team. I am true fan of nature, it what encouraged me to start hiking and hope to see more and more beautiful mountains.

Elfiraz Družić
Member, 32 years

My name is Elfraz. I am a member of Bosnian Mammut Team. My great passion is people, mountains and nature. I am very happy to be part of the Mammut 150 years project!

Emir Arnautović
Member, 41 years

My name is Emir, I have been a fan of hiking and climbing since I was a kid, most of my free time I spend in nature hiking and sometimes climbing. I am proud to be a part of Mammut 150 Years Project.

Tomica Grbić
Member, 43 years

My name is Tomica. I am a forestry engineer. I enjoy hiking and speleology! I am happy to be a part of Mammut 150 Years project and looking forward working together as a team.